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In 1988 a friend of mine opened Kids Placehouse. It was a restaurant on one side and a play area on the other side. My wife and I worked there on the weekend to help him get started. One Saturday his wife asked me to put on the clown suit and go in the play area. I went up the rope ladder, down the slide, and played in the ball jump. I fell in love with it. The very next week the mom's and dad's asked if the man who entertained the children was going to be back. They all said the same thing, "The children loved him!." The very next Saturday the owners wife taught me how to facepaint. I started to facepaint and my wife said that looked fun! I taught her how to face paint and now Kid's Playhouse now had two face painters. The owners wife came to me with another brilliant idea of balloon animals. I went to my local library and they had a video on how to make balloon animals. I practiced and the next week Kid's Playhouse had a Face painter and a Balloon animal maker. The subject of magic came up. I went to a magic shop and purchased a few simple magic tricks. The sad news is that Kid's Playhouse went out of business, the good news is that my wife and I started to do house parties for children's birthdays. I can now do a forty-five minute magic show. The biggest compliment I get is, "your show is different than any other show I have seen before." I do simple magic with a lot of comedy in it. Children want to be entertained, not dazzled with big stage productions. I do one special trick for the birthday child and I have found a couple of tricks to get all the children at the party to participate, and they love it! The biggest complement I get about my wife is, "she is so good with the children." She worked in a day care when I met her. We both love making children happy. If I won the lottery I would still do my clowning. The expessions of joy on a child's face when you paint something on their face or give them a balloon animal is priceless. As the years keep counting and we still are in business, we have come across so many people who enjoy making children happy. My Wife and I know someone who has character costumes. We rent the costumes and pass the rental fee to our client. We only make profit from the clowns. Most clowns stay one hour, we like to stay one and a half hours. We do one hour of balloons and face painting and then a 30 minute magic show. No matter how good a clown is theres no way they can twist balloons and face paint at the same time. =) With Mr. & Mrs. Glory Clown, we can make this happen. Our biggest reward is giving a child a birthday party they will never forget! We have heard more than once, "This is the best party we have ever had." the mom's and dad's also love the idea of a married couple coming to their party.

Our mission statement : ''Give your child the best party they have ever had!'' 

Making Children Smile Since 1988!

Mr. & Mrs. Glory Clowns

Mr. and Mrs. Glory Clown

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